Four Corners Teaching American History

Grant Award #U215X080115
Farmington Municipal Schools

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Fellow Historians,

Farmington Municipal Schools, in collaboration with the Educator Support Center, celebrates the award of its fifth Teaching American History grant. The first award was received in the spring of 2008 and extended in fall of 2011 to provide professional development opportunities for teachers over a three-year period.


  1. Enhance and improve students’ knowledge of American history,
  2. Improve teachers’ knowledge of and ability to teach American history
  3. Create a community of history learners.
Activities are open to all teachers in San Juan County. Activities include American history institutes, course-work through Adams State College, working field experiences, seminars, Chautauqua presentations, and field trips. The events are designed to create a community of historians in northwest New Mexico, with students being the ultimate beneficiaries of the activities. The staff at the Educator Support Center invites you to participate in the Four Corners Teaching American History program!

Come learn history with us!

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